Supervisor Or Manager CSCS Cards

After passing the appropriate CSCS Health and Safety Test a supervisor or manager with normally one year’s on the job experience within the last three years, who does not hold a nationally recognised qualification will apply for a red CSCS card whilst studying for their appropriate qualifications.

To obtain a red CSCS supervisor or manger card you will need to provide evidence of current registration with a college, university or nationally recognised organisation that awards NVQ/SVQ qualifications.

The red card is usually replaced by a blue Skilled Worker card prior to gaining a gold CSCS card for supervisors and managers, followed by a black management card if appropriate.

This card is valid for three years only, allowing you time to complete the necessary qualifications and gain a Gold CSCS card. However, the Supervisor or Manager card is not renewable so you must achieve the qualifications within the three year time frame in order to be eligible for CSCS gold or blue cards.

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