Construction Training and CSCS Exams

Improve your job, earn more money and progress in your construction career by maximising your opportunities with the Construction Skills Certification Scheme cards.

Job Opportunities: CSCS Card Holders Only To Apply

Give yourself every opportunity to get the potential job you want by having the correct CSCS cards. With CSCS cards required by nearly every site in the UK, you will be ineligible to work on most construction sites and risk exclusion from potential job opportunities without one. CSCS cards are increasingly demanded as proof of occupational competence by contractors, the public sector, private industry and others employers.

The CSCS was introduced into the UK to improve the quality of work throughout the construction industry and to improve the level of health and safety knowledge awareness for all employees and contractors. It appears to be yielding great results, with a reduction in the number of accidents in the industry.

Passing the CSCS Health and Safety Test or the MAP (Managerial and Professional) Health and Safety Test

To apply for CSCS cards you must first pass a Health and Safety Test.

Be confident when taking these exams by preparing properly. Speak to one of our team prior to taking the test and we will help you pass it. With support from Trade Assessments, who are experienced in this field, you will be trained to pass the course, receive advice about the different CSCS cards and supported in applying for them.

To find out which is the right card for you, to arrange a health and safety test or just to talk to someone about your career progression in the construction industry please call our friendly team to discuss.